In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Cody Hill. Cody is a trainer who works mainly in large group settings. He’s run large group outdoor sessions for a number of years for a company called Camp Gladiator. They talk about how he got started, some of the misconceptions that large group training holds from the world of the Bootcamp, how to create better large group sessions, getting more interaction when running zoom workouts, why you should watch your recorded workouts back and much more. 

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  • [01.33] – Why he started lifting weights?
  • [05.08] – How he ended up starting in the fitness industry?
  • [10.20] – When he realised a Bootcamp wasn’t just burpees and train-till-you-throw-up type workouts.
  • [18.12] – What a sample outdoor workout looks like?
  • [21.43] – How he started doing 1-1 PT off the back of running his group sessions?
  • [25.28] – Increasing interaction and a community feel over online platforms like zoom.
  • [33.00] – How important is the quality of trainer in large group training?
  • [39.53] – Would he go into large group training if he didn’t have the job he does just now?
  • [47.43] – Skillsets for group training and 1-1.
  • [49.23] – Why you should watch back your recorded online group workouts.
  • [51.23] – Characteristics for doing well in group workouts.