FINALLY A Programme For Commercial Gym Based Personal Trainers

We've created a development programme specifically for trainers who work face to face with clients in a commercial gym setting.

From getting your first 5 clients all the way to being fully booked we have tried and tested methods over many years to help you grow!


Why work with us

Whether you work in Puregym , David Lloyd, Nuffield, JD, The Gym or any other commercial or leisure center based gym we can help you.

We cover everything from how to maximise your social media channels through to what questions to ask in sales conversations.

Great programming and session delivery that works in a commercial gym setting and targeted methods for retaining clients.

Whatever you need to build a successful business in a commercial gym we have it covered!

Check out the benefits 

Instructional Videos


lead generation, in club incentives, social media, advertising and local outreach.

Consultations, sales and client reviews.

Retention, referrals and how to systemise word of mouth to grow.

Weekly Live Calls

Giving you the opportunity to get direct guidance on your biggest challenges each week as well as understand what's working for others.

Expert Workshops

For those looking to branch out, our expert workshops will cover:

How to set up, promote and run semi private training in a commercial gym setting.

How to mix face to face with online personal training.


Build the business that YOU want, working with the clients YOU want to work with. 

A business that supports YOUR preferences and YOUR lifestyle.

What You’ll Get In The Commercial Gym Trainer Development Programme

This programme is based on years of knowledge and experience gained on a personal level and by working with thousands of commercial gym trainers.


That doesn't mean you have to be the same as everyone else. 


  • Learn how to attract and sell to the clients you want to work with in your gym.
  • Improve your consultations, sales conversations and client reviews.
  • Deliver amazing sessions that your clients love and keep your clients for the long term.
  • Chat with us and other trainers on weekly live calls to get guidance on your biggest challenges.
  • Learn how to run Semi Private Training in a commercial gym (if that's something you want to do).
  • Learn how to mix face to face with online personal training (if that's your thing).

They Say

What They Say


I wouldn’t be without LTB. It’s an amazing place to develop and learn. It’s a lonely industry and once qualified, with let’s be honest not the fullest of knowledge, you’re left to your own devices. LTB gives you community, support and education on all aspects of PT, business and a host of other things. Love it!!

“I've learned to deliver PT sessions that my clients love and get great results from and I've managed to build up a large enough client base to go fully self-employed with the help of Lift The Bar.

Not only do you have access to everything you would ever need on the member's site, but the Facebook group is the most friendly and supportive community I've ever been a part of

I would highly recommend Lift The Bar to anyone who is looking to build their skillset as a PT. ”


After qualifying as a PT in 2018, I still felt like I didn’t know where to start with building a career in fitness. It felt like I’d been thrown out to fend on my own.

I remembered another PT friend recommended LTB to me so thought I’d look into it. It’s been such a huge help for not only bridging the gap between qualification and training clients but also to build my knowledge, give me confidence and feel part of a group who ‘gets it’.

I still feel like I’ve a lot to learn but I know that I’ll get to where I want to be with LTB.


* Membership continues at £49 a month unless cancelled

Lift The Bar