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Foundations of General Population Programme Design

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By Harriet Drewry on August 29, 2021
This is the first one that I have completed and the detail was great. I have a learning difficulty and have found many books difficult to understand and this was perfect - Thanks so much!!!
By Matthew Burrows on August 29, 2021
Lots of great concepts in here, covers the basics nicely and will help you to create your own systems.
By Nicola Goss on July 18, 2021
So much info and guidance! Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to put it all into practice! Thank you!
By George Einchcomb on July 11, 2021
The detail in this course is another level so my advice is to take it slowly so you digest everything. It’s broken down perfectly and then brought together brilliantly at the end with the excel template the icing on the cake.
By kyle holtzhausen on April 25, 2021
Wow, that was pretty epic.. found myself blown away by how much I actually did not learn through my own Personal Training course.

Well done to you all.
By MATTHEW ALLEWAY on February 28, 2021
I qualified as a PT 5 months ago. I got out there and did some training with clients, and spent the rest of my time working out how to build a business. I knew that to have a business I had to also write both great programs and constantly keep learning, but didn't know how. It woke me up a few times in the night. LTB is the how! This is a great course, now feel confident to design programs.
By Lianne Lewis on January 24, 2021
If it wasn't for this course I would still be struggling with how to write a decent programme. It has really helped to build my confidence, and deliver much better sessions. I would highly recommend this course.
By Rebekah Drake on January 24, 2021
I qualified as a PT during lockdown and felt woefully unskilled in programme design. The L3 course served well in the fact that it got me my qualification but did little in actually teaching me how to programme for a real life client.

Highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to feel less anxious about designing programmes!
By Amy McInally on November 29, 2020
I recently complete my L3 and felt very lost not knowing where to start for a gen pop client. This course did take a while to complete but was completely worth it. As a new trainer I feel more confident than ever that I could walk into a gym with trainers who have been coaching for years and write a program as good if not better than them using the knowledge and resources this course has given me


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