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Growing a Client Base

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By Abi Daniels on March 7, 2021
This course has provided me with some great ideas and knowledge!
By Ben Beale on August 16, 2020
I would strongly recommend this course, if new to being a PT or as a great recap, and make it one of the first courses you look at if trying to grow your business.
It will help you prioritise and structure the steps you need to take going forward. It will probably help unburden you, as you realise there are manageable sequences of events that you can work on.
By Greg Roome on June 14, 2020
Similar to the main marketing course but really helps to pull together a plan in a short period of time and think about how you can realistically grow your business each month
By malcolm sirisena on December 14, 2019
This course really got me thinking about my current business set up and how I can improve it 10 times and start getting results client wise, more revenue, ideas about building a website etc.
By Adam Dicker on October 27, 2019
A great course, with plenty of actionable advice to take away. The information is realistic and cuts right to the basics of how to grow your client base; no jargon, no false promises, and is relevant to the bread-and-butter personal trainers like myself, who just want to help as many people as possible, and have no inclination to be the next FitPro or social media influencer.
By Chris Kinsella on September 22, 2019
This has helped me a lot with genuine actionable steps that I can implement. I love that it’s refreshingly honest about growth potential and expectations rather than what every ‘guru’ has ever told me. It’s makes everything feel a lot more obtainable than the constant overwhelm we as trainers can feel when it comes to generating leads. Great course which is beautiful in its simplicity
By Mark Wright on September 22, 2019
Takes emotion out of the game & looks at logical & tested ways to market clients & grow your business. The messages, actions & direction are relevant no matter whether you're in a commercial gym or a Lone Ranger like myself.
By Ben Morley on August 11, 2019
This course, like every other LTB course I've completed, has given me actionable knowledge. A definite course to take to understand the ways you can grow your client base.
By Chris Jillard on August 2, 2019
Great overview of how LTB functions, which has sparked numerous ideas to now implement & test myself
By Bev McGonagle on January 27, 2019
Lots of ideas and things to action to get more clients, really useful.


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