Calorie Deficits
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Danny Lennon of Sigma nutrition outlines the intricacies of energy deficit in including why it's imperative to fat loss, caloric deficit methods and misconceptions on rates of weight loss. 3 videos 18-22 mins long, total course length 1 hour (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application)

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By Ashley Sabin on September 12, 2019
    I think the title of this review about sums it up. The comparisons between larger calorie deficits to shorter ones was looked at from a few different angles, with plenty of studies sited, and was actually thought of in real world scenarios.

    this course was a very productive use of time (especially considering its a short course) and definitely provided me with things I will use with clients.
  2. By Erica Pease on October 6, 2019
    Calorie deficits can at once seem simple and mega complicated so this course was great in getting a few ideas and strategies . clear in my head.
  3. By Philly Kinsella on November 8, 2019
    This was a really great way to jump in for my first Lift The Bar course. Every time I listen to Danny I learn something and this was no different. I definitely picked up some really useful lines of thinking advice is grab a pen and paper, jot things down as you go and enjoy it :-)
  4. By Jon O'Shea on April 5, 2020
    My second Danny course and again great information and well worth the time to top my knowledge up.
  5. By Marie Droniou-Bordry on December 27, 2018
    Good insight
  6. By Marzena Chwalczyk on May 17, 2020
    It really helped consolidating my understanding and knowledge on that topic. It was great to see the studies supporting the facts
  7. By Bev McGonagle on January 27, 2019
    Trying to improve my nutrition knowledge and understanding, this was really useful.
  8. By Drew Wickenden on July 19, 2020
    Very inciteful - will definitely be making changes with future clients and implementing some of the info given.
  9. By Eliza watson on February 6, 2019
    Was a great first LTB course for me to take, full of science backed information, I learned loads from three short lessons!!
  10. By Frank Quinn on July 19, 2020
    An excellent course from Danny Lennon. It's always interesting to get a more nuanced understanding of a topic that you previously considered fairly straight forward.