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The aim of this course is to take you through how to run an effective consultation. You'll be shown what to consider before you begin your consult, how to prepare so that you increase the chance of a prospect showing up, what questions to ask, how to bring up prices and what to do if they don't sign up. 6 videos 6-30 mins long, total course length 1 hour 45 mins (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application)

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By Adam Dicker on November 8, 2019
    Really great course, that goes in depth into a subject that is so vital to personal training. I like to think my consultations are pretty good in terms of talking to the client and making the sale, but I learnt so much that I wasn't implementing pre and post consultation. Tons of value here.
  2. By Daniel Boylan on February 16, 2020
    So simple yet so genius.
    Truly feel better prepared and excited to put these methods into practice. A1!
  3. By Kate Waddell on March 15, 2020
    Great course, feeling a lot more confident about carrying out my first client consultations. Looking forward to taking the other courses suggested during this course.
  4. By Marzena Chwalczyk on April 5, 2020
    As brand new PT I came out of my level 3 course with not much of an idea how consultation process should look like in real life.
    Thank you so much for breaking it down and giving a lot of examples, it helped me understand the topic so much better. I feel more prepared now!
  5. By Lynette on May 3, 2020
    I really liked how simple and easy the course was to follow. I also like that Stuart sets out tasks throughout the course to encourage you to be active throughout and consider how it fits in to your own business.
  6. By Linzi Perriman on May 10, 2020
    Excellent content included, which I will certainly be using moving forward. Thank you Stuart and LTB team!
  7. By Brian Mugambi on December 13, 2020
    As a new PT, its just mind blowing how simple and efficient your process is.
  8. By Russell Gair on March 15, 2019
    Some excellent tips here that I will instantly implement. Thanks again LTB and especially Stuart for the course!
  9. By kyle holtzhausen on April 4, 2021
    I've learned so much on this course, you've really helped me paint a picture in my head of what my consultation process looks like. Thank you
  10. By Jason Ditchburn on April 14, 2019
    A thorough course on how to deliver highly effective consultations