Foundations of General Population Programme Design
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Programme design can be a confusing and conflicting process at times for many personal trainers. Over 9 hours this course breaks down the programme design process, explores key programming concepts and provides you with a step by step guide to programme design for any client, no matter their goal or experience. 28 videos 3-32 mins long, total course length 8 hours (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application).

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Student Reviews

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By Davie Hannah on September 4, 2019
    same the headline :)
  2. By James Ryan on January 25, 2019
    I'm a big program design geek myself and I kept seeing glimpses of the work of the people that Gregg referenced at the end as I was going through the course. Respect to the amount of work and research that's gone into this - great course!
  3. By Nigel Russell on May 17, 2020
    Credit where its due, this program design course was fantastic.

    I'm generally somewhat of a programming geek and more so on the Powerlifting side, so I wasn't sure what I'd really get from this course, but DAMN, I can't believe how much I learnt.

    This course alone has easily covered the years membership in one go.

    Genuinely, thank you so much.
  4. By Luke Murray on March 21, 2019
    This course was fundamental to my growth as a personal trainer. Before this course I was getting clients results but I was spending a lot of time trying to impress with fancy techniques. Upon completion of this course I adopted a much simpler model which firstly saved me time and secondly saved my clients time as they just progressed through simple movements as and when they were ready. Get it don
  5. By Vandra Whittome on December 8, 2019
    This is a great course, so informative and easy to understand. Everything is broken down in such a clear and logical way. In the past I have always become overwhelmed by programming and periodisation. This course has has sorted that! I can't wait to put the points of this course into practice.
    Thank you LTB!!
  6. By Ruslan Ialgashev on March 13, 2019
    I love how the modules are set up in blocks (great for going back if you need a refresher on a particular topic) Greg gives an awesome and thorough run down of everything you'd need to know about programing for your clients - from the basics of set/rep schemes to the full structure of a training program designed on the wants/needs of your client .

  7. By Alex Briscoe on May 17, 2020
    An absolutely fantastic course. Making the complicated simple. I feel my session quality has always been good but this will definitely help take my clients training to a more complete package.
  8. By Mark Gallagher on March 23, 2019
    This course digs deeper into programming than anything I have ever used. The amount of detail Gregg goes into is as always excellent. You don't necessarily need to copy the template into your own practice but it gives you so many ideas and things to consider that you can't help but improve the level of service to your clients. This course will take your programming to the next level.
  9. By Nathan Jones on January 12, 2020
    This course is packed full of useful information that can be directly applied in your own program design.

    Get your notepad at the ready!
  10. By Erica Pease on March 14, 2019
    I loved this course...if only my PT training had explained it all so well! The course is clear, leads you through programming step by step and you come away with some actionable tactics to improve your session planning instantly -I started implementing it straight away. I still need to action a lot of things but this course was invaluable to me as a new trainer