Foundations of General Population Programme Design
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Programme design can be a confusing and conflicting process at times for many personal trainers. Over 9 hours this course breaks down the programme design process, explores key programming concepts and provides you with a step by step guide to programme design for any client, no matter their goal or experience. 28 videos 3-32 mins long, total course length 8 hours (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application).

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Student Reviews

5 out of 5
5 star 48
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Top Student Reviews

  1. wow
    By Jon O'Shea on April 5, 2020
    Amazing course, excellent content.
  2. By Paulina Farana on March 17, 2019
    It was a good course, good insight into program designing. I am using basic rules from it and applying with clients. I do PT as a side job, mostly running group classes but even on that it helped me to make wise choices with balanced approach. I am happy with it. No further amendments necessary.
  3. By John Carroll on September 13, 2020
    Brilliant course, well explained information and easy to apply.

    After numerous years as a PT i feel this course has taken my programming up a level and will maximise the results i can get with clients.
  4. By colt sainas on May 30, 2019
    I've always felt that I was pretty knowledgable with nutrition but when it came to program design I knew I was far behind, this course really taught me a lot and helped reinforce what I already knew. I now feel confident in my ability to create a structured program for my clients.
  5. By Joe Eldridge on April 12, 2020
    Incredible course, very detailed and helpful, really looking forward to incorporating this into pt/programming

    Thank you 😊
  6. By Jason Ditchburn on March 18, 2019
    Really enjoyed the course, and along side the practical day I overhauled how I programme for SP training.

    It's something that I will definitely look through again in the future and use as a reference point when writing programmes
  7. By Amy McInally on November 29, 2020
    I recently complete my L3 and felt very lost not knowing where to start for a gen pop client. This course did take a while to complete but was completely worth it. As a new trainer I feel more confident than ever that I could walk into a gym with trainers who have been coaching for years and write a program as good if not better than them using the knowledge and resources this course has given me
  8. By Kylie Litchfield on July 24, 2019
    I had always considered my PT course as a pretty good one, but this Programme Design course absolutely blew what I knew out the water. I have come away with more programming knowledge of course, but also a structure for me to apply this today and into the future. Although Gregg kept it practical throughout, the examples at the end of the course were particularly helpful to cement my learning.
  9. By James Scott on December 14, 2018
    Everyone works differently, but the principles in this course will be universally applicable. Essential course! Nike - Just Do It!
  10. By Lynette on May 3, 2020
    Great course with lots of information. One of those courses that I'll come back to again to refresh and continue learning from.