Throughout this course you will look at your preferences for communication, you will look at your clients and how to find more of them, we will look at the strategies and we will look at the available tools to put a vice like grip on how you put your message out to the world. You'll create your own blueprint, become your own marketing guru and get a complete grasp on how you, yes YOU, should approach the unavoidable need to market your service.

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Daisy Cumberland
Posted 2 months ago
So much value!

Brilliant course with so much value, can't wait to go through all of my notes and rewrite!! Amazing!

Greg Roome
Posted 6 months ago
Game changer

Literally only knew the basics going in so this turned my world upside down, will take a while to get it all into motion but I have a better plan than ever and intend to go forward with confidence and gain some clients!

Mark Wright
Posted 12 months ago
Enormous depth & value here!

This course is phenomenal for anyone in need of some marketing lessons & (most importantly) structure. The depth & value in this course is worth well over the monthly cost of LTB. I've done a few courses by various 'experts' in this field & this is definitely the best one yet. Don't let the length dishearten you either, crack on & you won' regret it.

Ashley Sabin
Posted 1 year ago
in Depth and extremely useful

I've done a few various marketing courses and workshops before. None of them had anywhere near this kind of technical breakdown in them from the technical stuff of SEO, social media or email marketing, or copywriting, to the psychology differences of different stratergies. This is by far the most useful and in depth marketing course I've ever seen.

Ash Carter
Posted 1 year ago
Brilliant course

Really enjoyed this one and made me realise just how much I'm a relationship marketer now and I shouldn't allow personality based things to creep into my marketing.

Carla Robertson
Posted 2 years ago
Great course

Going from a women’s only studio at the back of my house to opening a larger facility locally for both Men and Women I had no idea how to market to men. This course taught me exactly what I needed to know and the reason behind it, great course. Thanks LTB

Posted 2 years ago
SO helpful when I first started LTB and needed to refine all my marketing skills.

SO helpful when I first started LTB and needed to refine all my marketing skills.

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