Practical Nutrition Coaching

This course focuses on helping you get better results with all your clients. Moving beyond calorie deficits and habit formation I walk you through the entire nutritional process from pre-consultation to adjusting dietary interventions.

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Sarah Butcher
Posted 3 months ago
Easy to follow

Really good course with some great ideas especially for mixing things up for your client.

Katie Hickson
Posted 3 months ago
Applicable and easy to follow

A really great course to get going with. Well laid out, easy to follow and packed with practical advice. I came away with loads of action points to implement with clients straight away. Gregg is very easy to listen to 😊

April Morley
Posted 4 months ago
Amazing information!

This course is packed full of really useful information and has helped to fill in a lot of gaps for me! It's given me loads of ideas to go away and develop so that I can help my clients achieve their goals more easily!

Alex Briscoe
Posted 6 months ago
Great Course

Learned a few new nutrition insights here as well as how to better structure and program coaching based on the individual.

Katie Griffiths
Posted 7 months ago

Really great topics and tips to take away and apply with my clients 🙂 Thanks!

David García Serrano
Posted 7 months ago
As usual. Made easy by Gregg

Not just made easy, but lots of more areas where to dig for more information in every lecture.

Jon O'Shea
Posted 8 months ago

Love learning all about nutrition and this has been an excellent course for it.

Claire Luvin
Posted 1 year ago
Really helpful

Another helpful course delivered by Gregg, I've picked up loads of ideas to implement with clients for consults, check ins and weekly newsletter. Thank you.

Dan Kelly
Posted 1 year ago

Covers pretty much everything I needed help with! Covers a client's journey from start to finish! So helpful.

Isy Etherington
Posted 1 year ago
A really helpful course

I found this course really useful! Lots of great ideas and strategies for nutrition coaching, making me feel more confident that I can help people in this way. Especially as this is something that I feel my personal training course was lacking in (realistic ways to help real people, and not just textbook examples!)

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!