Optimising Endurance Performance
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Optimising Endurance Performance is an evidence-based course aimed at helping coaches manage the endurance athlete. By the end of the course student should have a greater understanding of: * Potential causes of injury in endurance sports and be able to identify them in athletes. * The role of injury risk reduction and the importance of the therapist in achieving this. * How to manage training load in endurance athletes, including how to progress load distance safely. * The importance of strength and conditioning in endurance sports, and an ability to prescribe strength and conditioning regimes within a training regime. * The selection and application of numerous treatment techniques to assist the endurance athlete. * The importance and application of a range of recovery strategies to assist the endurance athlete. 9 videos 5-30 mins long, total course length approx 2 hours 45 mins (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application).

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By James Scott on September 8, 2019
    This provides a great insight into an ever growing sport and has helped me with several clients. As a pt you can almost guarantee you’ll work with someone who does endurance sport these days and this course will help you deliver a much better all round service to those clients!
  2. By Mark Wright on December 10, 2019
    For someone who has absolutely zero experience in endurance based sports, this was a great insight into how I could positively influence future clients with a lot of information also crossing over to some of my other athletic, non-endurance clients. Definitely recommend this course. It's around 2.5-3 hours so manageable in one evening, but make sure you're ready to focus!
  3. By Nathan Jones on February 16, 2020
    A great insight into working with endurance athletes.
  4. By Bev McGonagle on March 29, 2020
    Great overview of what we can do to support endurance athletes. Took away some useful guidance on strength and conditioning which is what I was after.
  5. By Lewis Hawkins on April 5, 2020
    Endurance athletes are often looking to seek help from anyone to improve their performance, and this course provides an in-depth look into everything you as a coach needs to know when dealing with these athletes.
  6. By Alex Briscoe on May 17, 2020
    Having recently changed my own interests to endurance events this was full of great info which i can apply both to myself and hopefully future clients.
  7. By Russell Gair on June 4, 2019
    Mike has delivered a brilliant course, taking you through the mine field that is working with endurance athletes. I cannot recommend this highly enough, in fact I'm going straight back to lecture one to do the whole course again! 10/10
  8. By Cameron Cummings on August 11, 2019
    Mike's does an excellent job of covering many of the key areas we face as PT's when working with endurance athletes including the management of injuries, the importance of the S&C component and so on. There's a real practical feel to the advice and content here, of working with 'real' people and what that involves.