Science of Fat Loss part 1: Impact of NEAT and metabolism on weight and body fat regulation

During this course you will look into the differences in energy expenditure between people who have been obese and lost weight (reduced obese) and those who have not had a similar weight change. In addition you will understand more of the science in relation to the impact of Non Exercise Thermogenesis (NEAT) and its role in weight loss and maintenance.

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Gabrielle Nikora-Baker
Posted 6 months ago
Learn't so much!!

Highly recommend doing this course! It will help with clients and even with your own lifestyle/habits. Very informative and well put together

Claire Innes
Posted 7 months ago

Excellent course very relevant for genpop clients

John Donaghey
Posted 7 months ago
A great review on the impact of NEAT for weight loss

This was a really well put together little course. I got so much out of this and it reinforced the need to emphasize the hours outside of my training sessions to help clients lose weight. It also clarified a lot of great little tips and research regarding the science behind NEAT and how important it is for weight loss maintenance. I highly recommend this course.

Erica Pease
Posted 1 year ago
Super interesting

Really useful and myth busting course.

Jeanne Le Bailly
Posted 2 years ago
Very interesting

Really interesting and fascinating course.learned a lot on NEAT

Eliza watson
Posted 2 years ago

Learned loads from this

Marie Droniou-Bordry
Posted 2 years ago

If you haven’t done this, put it at the top of your list!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!