Science of Fat Loss part 1: Impact of NEAT and metabolism on weight and body fat regulation
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During this course you will look into the differences in energy expenditure between people who have been obese and lost weight (reduced obese) and those who have not had a similar weight change. In addition you will understand more of the science in relation to the impact of Non Exercise Thermogenesis (NEAT) and its role in weight loss and maintenance.

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By Jeanne Le Bailly on May 12, 2019
    Really interesting and fascinating course.learned a lot on NEAT
  2. By Erica Pease on October 6, 2019
    Really useful and myth busting course.
  3. By John Donaghey on April 19, 2020
    This was a really well put together little course.

    I got so much out of this and it reinforced the need to emphasize the hours outside of my training sessions to help clients lose weight.

    It also clarified a lot of great little tips and research regarding the science behind NEAT and how important it is for weight loss maintenance.

    I highly recommend this course.
  4. By Claire Innes on May 10, 2020
    Excellent course very relevant for genpop clients
  5. By Gabrielle Nikora-Baker on May 24, 2020
    Highly recommend doing this course! It will help with clients and even with your own lifestyle/habits. Very informative and well put together
  6. By Marie Droniou-Bordry on December 27, 2018
    If you haven’t done this, put it at the top of your list!
  7. By Eliza watson on February 14, 2019
    Learned loads from this