Understanding Weight Loss: Integrated Nutritional Periodization 1

As personal trainers we are expected to help the majority of our clients lose weight. However, have you ever wondered why some clients lose weight easily whilst others can do exactly the same and the scales hardly budge? Maybe you have heard people use terms like metabolic adaptation but not truly understood what it means and how you apply this information to your clients? Ever wanted to understand the science or evidence behind lots of the weight loss studies but feel like you are unable to digest the studies? Then understanding weight loss is for you. This course aims to breakdown the science of weight loss in an easy to understand and digestible manner, highlighting why we see huge differences in the outcomes of diet and exercise trials, how this impacts your clients results, why exercise may not be the golden ticket for weight loss many believe it is, why maintaining lost weight it so hard and much more! This 28 part course will put you ahead of all the other trainers in your gym when it comes to understanding weight loss.

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Marco Ferreira
Posted 5 months ago
Great course!!

I've already graduated MNU last year but decided to do this course as more of a review of my knowledge. I really think it's a great course and it touches on a lot of the same important topics surrounding weight loss. Highly recommend it to anyone who is currently working with, or interested in working with weight loss clients.

Kia Khadem
Posted 1 year ago

Amazing work Gregg. Thank you for putting together so much great information for us. This takes a lot of confusion and guess work out for trainers.

Ash Carter
Posted 1 year ago
So Good

On par with the best courses at LTB

Jack Arnold
Posted 2 years ago
A must watch for all trainers

This was an amazing course! It felt really empowering to uncover the hidden forces that influence weight loss and I felt it gave me lot more tools to investigate unexplained plateaus and how to better set someone up for success.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!