In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Dr Col Robertson & Mel Spooner.  Together, they run a company called CAWS. CAWS is a company that is helping trainers and coaches navigate the tricky waters of working with clients who have had COVID-19. As well as that, CAWS has a ton of great content for trainers on their website, Youtube and Instagram. They discuss some fitness industry predictions for after lockdown and long covid. They talk about long covid is, what trainers need to know to about training a client who has had covid and why trainers are absolutely essential for helping society get out of this whole we’re in.

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Dr Colin Robertson has been involved in human performance and sport science his entire professional career. He has worked in every aspect of Strength and Conditioning from rugby to wrestling to wheelchair basketball, and countless sports in between; at national and international levels of competition. He has prepared numerous global adventurers to undertake unimaginable challenges, from climbing Everest to rowing the Atlantic, “Dr Col” has become a go-to specialist.
Mel brings to the business a 15-year career history handling global responsibilities for some of the biggest brand names in the sports and fitness industry and having consulted for many of the top 100 health club chains in the world. Mel is known for her roles at major brands including Technogym, TRX and MYZONE, and most recently overseas projects for Stages Cycling and David Lloyd Clubs through the work she does with TPN International — her first company set up in 2014.
  • [01.58] – How do they feel about the career of personal training just now?
  • [10.35] – How can trainers position themselves for the boom that may be coming for the fitness industry?
  • [15.45] – Why personal trainers/ coaches are essential for helping people with their health and fitness goals now more than ever.
  • [27.20] – What is long COVID and what do we know about it?
  • [32.35] – COVID infection numbers broken down.
  • [40.00] – Considerations when working with a client who has had COVID.