Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and since 2004, the medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, an ethical, evidence-based, interprofessional weight management centre. We discuss why a compassionate approach to obesity is absolutely necessary, how to help our clients manage their weight, reducing scale weight importance, whether education changes behaviour, childhood nutrition and much, much more. I know you’re going to enjoy this episode, just make sure you’ve got somewhere to take notes as there are a bunch of times you’ll want to pause and write something down!

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  • [01.55] – Why obesity isn’t as simple as move more eat less.
  • [05.00] – Why personal responsibility is always touted as the most important part of obesity.
  • [07.30] – How we can improve the message we put out there about obesity.
  • [09.35] – Does education help behaviour change?
  • {12.26] – What country is leading the way in terms of weight management?
  • [14.23] – Why environment is the main element of weight management.
  • [16.14] – How knowing that environment is important for his patients informs his practice.
  • [18.55] – How to teach our clients that exercise is not just something that burns calories and is used to lose weight.
  • [20.32] – What we know for sure about weight management
  • [23.50] – Does he think PTs should be working with their clients on behaviour change around nutrition?
  • [25.59] – The two questions he asks his patients to consider when they want to eat junk food.
  • [21.13] – How important is a clients why.
  • [34.35] – What role the scales play in helping clients maintain weight loss.
  • [37.55] – Helping clients remove the scales importance.
  • [39.20] – Underreporting calorie intake.
  • [44.55] – Helping kids develop healthy relationships with food.