In today’s episode, we welcome on Edward Hall. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University, UK. His research interests focus on the relational, (micro)political and emotional complexities of sport coaching. His work explores how networks of social relations influence the thoughts, feelings and (inter)actions of sport professionals, and how sense is made of experiences, relationships and the self. He is also a rugby coach and coach mentor, currently working with professional and elite coaches in various sports to support their continuing development. We discuss what Edward‘s father taught him and how this has shaped the kind of coach he is, tips for improving your interpersonal skills, what reflective practice is, why to use it and how to integrate it into your professional development.

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  • 2.35 – How Edward‘s Dad taught him to drive and how this shaped the kind of person he is
  • 5.35 – Why trust, care and consistency are some of the foundations of how he coaches his athletes and teaches his students
  • 10.35 – Why he coaches and teaches using a “freedom within limits” environment
  • 12.30 – Why he feels that relationships are a huge part of coaching people
  • 20.10 – Some practical tips for improving interpersonal skills
  • 23.30 – What reflective practice is
  • 26.00 – An example of how a personal trainer can reflect on their practice
  • 29.50 – His initial internal response to seeing himself on video as part of his reflective practice
  • 33.40 – What did he spot from using reflective practice that allowed him to develop
  • 36.40 – Should trainers and coaches engage in reflective practice?
  • 38.30 – How to go about using reflective practice and how often?
  • 42.40 – Some examples of questions to ask yourself when reflecting on your practice
  • 48.45 – Edward‘s closing messages

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