In today’s show, Stuart welcomes Eric Helms. Eric runs the bodybuilding prep company 3dMJ and writes for the monthly publication, MASS. They discuss how he thinks we can make exercise more appealing for the gen pop. They then have a 40-minute discussion about perfectionism and all that encompasses it including how to better understand it, seeing it in your clients, seeing it in your coaching and how to move away from it towards what he calls ‘excellence’. Timestamps are below!

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  • [01.00] – Getting more people into exercise.
  • [13.45] – Rise and grind mentalities in exercise.
  • [19.05] – Perfectionism.
  • [26.45] – Eric’s struggles with perfectionism.
  • [33.12] – Seeing perfectionism in your clients.
  • [38.45] – Perfectionism in coaching.
  • [43.02] – Moving away from perfectionism if you struggle with it.
  • [56.55] – Making sense of what kind of success you want.