In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Eric Trexler. Eric is a pro natural bodybuilder and a sports nutrition researcher. He has several years of University-level teaching experience, and has been coaching athletes with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels since 2009. Eric is now the Director of Education at Stronger By Science, and a reviewer for Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS). For the first half of this episode, they discuss how he handles comparisons in the fitness industry, increasing exercise frequency during quarantine and making time for your most important task. They then move into discussing all things related to caffeine. Timestamps are below!

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  • [01.45] – Has he struggled with the identity aspect of not being able to exercise how he likes to exercise?
  • [09.47] – How he’s getting on with his 2021 goal of exercising for 20 minutes per day.
  • [14.57] – Making time to write by putting a 2-hour slot into his day first thing in the morning.
  • [22.34] – What we know about caffeine and performance.
  • [25.27] – What we know about caffeine and health.
  • [28.27] – Recommendations for caffeine and your gen pop PT client.
  • [30.52] – Feeling tired after having a cup of coffee.
  • [33.27] – Individual variation in how individuals respond to caffeine.
  • [38.04] – How he consumes caffeine?
  • [38.20] – Removing caffeine and reintroducing it to improve performance?
  • [42.02] – Caffeine and sleep.
  • [45.52] – Supplements he’s intrigued by for the general population?