Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a member (including on the free trial) you need to register for the site and confirm the registration via the email you received before you can access the member content. If you are unsure of the issue please contact

Luckily for you we do a best posts of the week post every weekend and an update email with what’s coming up and the key posts so you can keep up to date with the world of LTB without having to live on Facebook!

Remember too that not everything will be applicable to everyone, it’s far more effective to treat all the resources as a library and focus on the courses, posts, downloads and webinars relevant to your current goals than to jump from topic to topic. The great thing is that you don’t need to use everything to get value for money on your membership.

Firstly, is the email you registered with the one you still use? If not please use the update details form to let us know. If this isn’t the issue it could be you unsubscribed, please contact and we’ll have a look into it for you and get you back on the list! ☺

No unfortunately the files are too big however we are investigating options for the future.

Standard membership (including the trial) includes the courses, downloads, guest webinars and thread document linking to some of the thousands of useful conversations in the Facebook group. Approximately 3 printed member magazines a year, digital copies of previous magazines, access to the friendly, supportive Facebook group and trusted partner offers.

Essentials membership includes all of the above and extra support in the form of 2 Skypes a month with one of the LTB team and weekly accountability, copies of the essentials e-books (as listed in the store) and discounts on select LTB events.

See the membership info page for more details

We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel your membership and would love it if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the attached form to tell us why you are going.

In order to cancel you just need to stop your payments to us via your PayPal account. If you have any trouble doing this then please email and we will assist you.