Want To Feel Less Alone In The Fitness Industry?

Get the support you need and thrive 

* 2 week free trial followed by monthly subscription at £49 a month unless cancelled.  Strictly 1 trial per person, Returning Members can sign up using returning member sign up option on link.

Access To The Lift The Bar Team 

Within the team we have experience with training people in mobile, online, private facility, commercial gym, class and one to one settings, as well as facility ownership, and we know that there is no one way to be a successful personal trainer!

Friendly And Supportive Facebook Group

With over 1000 members it means that whatever your age, experience or set up there's a good chance there are others in the group with experience of any issues or scenarios you are facing.  

The great thing is that LTB members are happy to support others to help them succeed.

Resources To Increase Knowledge and Support Clients

We know the value of having a  place where you know you can get trustworthy information and that you won't be wasting time on learning inaccurate or biased information.  We've kept that in mind when creating a comprehensive library of resources covering all the topics that regularly come up for trainers.


Your Questions Answered

Not sure how to respond to a client question? Struggling to coach someone?  Changing Ts & Cs? Moving gyms?  There's always someone able to help.

Our members love knowing they have a safe place where they can ask questions and receive reliable answers.


Share Experiences and Fill Gaps In Your Knowledge

Unsure about your programming? Want to know more on nutrition?  Aiming to understand behaviour change?  

We have courses, webinars and downloads covering pretty much every topic you may need to be able to support your general population clients.


Feel More Confident

It can be easy to compare yourself negatively to others and question what you do.  Our goal is to help everyone feel that they belong in the fitness industry regardless of any characteristics or circumstances.

LTB Member stories

Nadine Weeks

I joined LTB last year, and it soon became apparent just how much value you get for your monthly membership.

You never have to worry about feeling alone in the industry.

The Facebook group is fab if you have a question or a worry, and it's answered not just by the LTB team but to PTs who have already been there.

The courses are really well put together, and the webinars and templates on the site are just brilliant.

I've even had flowers delivered when I had a family bereavement, and I'd mentioned it in the Facebook group.

A community that I love being part of.

Roi Larrett

I’ve been a personal trainer for 25 years and a gym owner for 8 and I know 100% that without the help from LTB I definitely would have shut the gym and given up.

What LTB is done for me over the last four or five years is given me some clarity and purpose and a sense of belief again in myself that I can really do this if that's what I want.

It’s been a sounding board and a constant, safe space where I feel valued, listened to and heard as a trainer. 

It's always been fun, and it's always been zero pressure in the sense of having to conform with a certain narrative because Chris and Claire are very open to the fact that we're all individuals within the group and they want everyone to thrive as individuals, and I actually love that. 

I've been a member of a lot of different mentoring groups and Community groups for personal trainers over the years and LTB has been the best by far.

They've helped me every step of the way and I know that without the help from LTB I would not be doing what I'm doing now.

Tamara Hudson

After qualifying as a PT in 2018, I still felt like I didn’t know where to start with building a career in fitness. It felt like I’d been thrown out to fend on my own.

Unfortunately with various health issues, pregnancy and covid, I kept putting it off until the start of 2021. But so much time had passed since qualifying that, again, I felt like I didn’t know where to begin with putting myself out there as a PT.

I remembered another PT friend recommended LTB to me so thought I’d look into it. It’s been such a huge help for not only bridging the gap between qualification and training clients but also to build my knowledge, give me confidence and feel part of a group who ‘gets it’.

I still feel like I’ve a lot to learn but I know that I’ll get to where I want to be with LTB.


What do I get with LTB membership?

You get full access to everything in our Standard Level membership.

That's over 1000 lessons across 70+ courses plus 70+ downloads and 80+ webinars covering all aspects of being a personal trainer: Coaching, nutrition, marketing, confidence, personal development, customer service, behaviour change, mental health and more.

Plus you get to join our friendly, supportive member only Facebook group where there is always someone who can provide support and answers to your questions giving you peace of mind that you have a support network at your back when you need it.

You can access Session:X our platform providing follow along sessions for mobility, Yoga, Pilates and meditation which you can use for yourself and roll out to your clients for their use between their sessions with you.

And you can download our back catalogue of member magazines, our classes guide and our New Trainer Guide for free.

Once you start your trial you get the option for a welcome call and personal recommendations based on your situation and goals which can help you navigate the options and get started on the stuff you want!

Who is LTB for? 

LTB is for all personal trainers who want reliable, supported information, education and advice from people who have both theoretical and practical experience on all aspects of personal training.

There is something for everyone and we have some members who are newly qualified, others who have been in the industry for decades and every stage in between.

There are facility owners, online, mobile, commercial gym and private facility trainers and support and information for all.

Do You Offer  Individual Mentoring?

Yes, we have a second membership level called LTB Essentials which included calls and personal support.  We don't offer a trial of this membership level but if you let us know you are interested in it when you sign up we can answer any questions and arrange a call to see if it's what you are looking for.


How do I get the most out of LTB?

We highly recommend viewing the resources as a library and dipping into the resources relevant to you rather than feeling you need to do everything.  Also take your time with each resource and implement as you go so it doesn't become a box ticking exercise instead of a development opportunity.

Most important of all, if you get stuck then ask for help!

When you first sign up book yourself in for a welcome call and complete the personalised recommendation form.  That way we will be able to help you narrow down where to start.

We are happy to help you find the best resources for what you are working on at any time whilst you are a member so just ask if you need help.


What is the ongoing cost after the trial?

Our goal is to keep the cost as affordable as possible so it's only £49 a month. This means it's covered by 1-2 sessions a month and you only need to use a fraction of the resources to get value for your money!

What is my commitment? Can I cancel?

We hope that you love LTB as much as we do and choose to stay with us however there is no commitment to stay on after the trial.

You can cancel at any time by cancelling your payment profile in Thrivecart. The instructions on how to do so are linked on your welcome email, the announcement post in the member Facebook group and on the cancellation page on the member site. Or you can just respond to any of the emails you receive from us if you have any issues or questions about it.  We just request that you cancel before you make the payment if you aren't staying (you can do it at any time without impacting the rest of your trial).

I have another question 

Great, use the form below to let us know your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


* 2 week free trial followed by monthly subscription at £49 a month unless cancelled.  Strictly 1 trial per person, Returning Members can sign up using returning member sign up option on link.

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