If you are a new trainer and are wondering where your first clients are coming from, I actually envy you in many ways
While there is the pretty typical allure to setup a professional Facebook and instagram page
 Or to create a flyer, or learn Facebook ads
 The start point for you is actually way simpler than that
 What you need in order to grow a successful PT business
 A great reputation built on a track record of results, some great testimonials and a complete mastery of your trade
But let’s be honest, it’s pretty impossible to show those things at the very start (Chicken/egg situation at it’s finest)

Getting started:

Right now theres a high chance you are a little nervous about where the first clients are coming from. That’s normal. 
At the same time, there are thousands of people who want to get started on a health related journey but dont know where to start
– You’re nervous and need clients to get your career started
– They’re nervous and need a trainer, probably because they’ve been massively overthinking what they should do
So, why not try this:
(Please adapt to fit your own writing style if necessary) 
“As some of you will know by now, I am just about to finish/have recently qualified as a Personal Trainer
My head is spinning with all of the potentially amazing things I have learned, but I need a couple of people to practice my new skills on
My Solemn promise is that I will guarantee results with you, if you promise to take on board what I say – It will be a learning experience for us both
I will need you to offer feedback each week on my performance, and I will, in return show you the detail behind where you are making improvements and where we can make more together.
If you are interested in this, please let me know
The cost for the first couple of weeks will be nothing, as our work together will help me start my portfolio of results – and I will train you twice per week outside of my current job to ensure that both you and I pick up the skills needed for both of us to succeed”

The best thing about being a new trainer?…

The best thing about being a new trainer – you (should) have time
The worst thing – you don’t have a track record. And reputation counts for everything in our industry. You are the sum total of people helped, not the sum total of your social media following. 
Inside 2 weeks you should be able to get a bunch of good photos to show what it looks like to work with you, a bunch of good reviews of your work that you can put on FB and Google
Images like this can paint a thousand words about who it is you work with
But aside from that, it will immediately bring your learning to life and set you a development plan based on the areas both you and your clients fall short on
Why this works (One for the geeks)
 This appeases the principles of persuasion (Cialdini)
Commitment and Consistency
and if you advertise a limit on places (an honest limit) Scarcity, and over the 2 weeks will increase your level of authority too (Because nothing is worth more than proof of your work working) and of course Social proof too.
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