In today’s show, we have another episode of the very originally named “fitness industry conversations with Alex Pearson”. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and feel we hit on some topics that will help a lot of people out. Namely, we talked about why personal training needs a proper definition and how to avoid burnout.

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  • 1.25 – Why doors frustrate the hell out of Stuart
  • 5.32 – Why going to a dinner party with new people is analogous to a new client coming to the gym for the first time
  • 7.32 – Why having a lack of a definition of a personal trainer is an issue
  • 14.17 – Alex’s definition of a PT
  • 22.52 – What this lack of definition means and how having one can help personal trainers enjoy their careers more
  • 28.02 – Burnout within personal training and fatigue/ stress management
  • 34.32 – Making a decision about jumping into facility ownership
  • 36.22 – Should you open a personal training facility?