In this episode, I’m joined by Alex for another fitness industry conversational episode. We start by discussing where Alex would work if he had to go back to being a brand new PT and then get into a discussion around employed vs self-employed PT. Then we get into a discussion about why you should aim to stick with and work through the tough situations rather than just deciding to get out right away.

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  • [5.42] – If Alex was a brand new personal trainer and he was deciding where to work, where would he choose?
  • [12.37] – Should you move for a job in PT?
  • [14.52] – Why working in a commercial gym can be a great place to start
  • [23.37] – Why having many options for a career in fitness can be a hindrance rather than a help
  • [25.52 onwards] – Alex talks about how the more final a decision is the more chance we will begin to like it