In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes George Branford. George is an ex-professional football, turned personal trainer, turned gym owner. They discuss how he built up his client base in a commercial gym, getting over fears of talking to members, transitioning into an independent gym before finishing off talking about how he and his partner, Emily, got capital, planned it out years in advance and launched their gym, Intent 91. Timestamps are below.

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  • [01.12] – Why did George decide to become a personal trainer?
  • [04.38] – How he found starting in a commercial gym.
  • [06.25] – How he approached building relationships in the gym?
  • [08.42] – Going from knowing people’s names to turning them into clients.
  • [12.02] – What frustrated him about other personal trainers.
  • [13.22] – Approaching members if you feel anxious about talking to people.
  • [13.57] – Going from a commercial to being self-employed in an independent gym.
  • [18.52] – Documenting what he was doing on social media as a lead generation strategy.
  • [23.32] – Client base growth tips that George used to get more business.
  • [27.57] – The importance of having someone alongside you who can manage things when opening a gym.
  • [30.07] – How he learnt how to go about opening a gym.
  • [31.27] – Raising capital to open his gym.
  • [36.27] – Talking to his personal training clients about opening a gym and what it was going to look like.
  • [41.22] – A lesson George experienced trying to increase his prices.