Greg Mikolap was a recent guest who came on for our gym owner roundtable discussion a few months ago (8th of May 2020). He runs the gym Icon in Maidenhead, England and spent over 10 years in a commercial gym prior to that becoming the busiest trainer in that gym. And that is what we mainly explore today. We talk about his lockdown experience so far, how he priced his services in a commercial gym, developing a niche, the differences between trainers who last vs those who don’t and why Greg imagined himself wearing a cape before he went into consultations with PT prospects. I know you’re going to enjoy this as Greg speaks from the heart and details a lot of experiences that are just so common for the trainer.

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  • [01.57] – How Greg’s gym has got on during lockdown.
  • [07.30] – If what Greg has learnt during lockdown would apply back to when he was working in a commercial gym.
  • [13.30] – Why it’s slow until it starts to snowball when you’re gaining clients as a personal trainer.
  • [19.30] – Why it’s so common to dread holidays as a personal trainer.
  • [23.15] – A story about developing a niche.
  • [24.30] – A discussion about block vs month bookings.
  • [37.22] – The differences between the commercial gym trainers who last vs the ones who don’t.
  • [40.30] – Was Greg nervous when he started in his commercial gym?
  • [46.30] – The importance of stepping back from where things are going wrong for you in the customer journey.
  • [48.30] – What helped Greg get over feeling nervous before he stepped into a consultation.