Today I welcome on Independent Gym owners Mike Waywell (Steel Habitat, Liverpool), Greg Mikolap (Icon Gym, Maidenhead), Will Holmes (Core Training, Switzerland) and Chris Burgess (Curious Fitness, Paulton) to discuss what comes next for Personal Training facilities. We talk through what Will has learnt bringing clients back into his gym in Switzerland after their lockdown ended, how all the guys plan to keep their clients safe when seeing clients in-person again, communication strategies, rewarding loyal clients, programming, gym layout and coaching changes, marketing and what their message would be to a commercial or private facility PT.

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  • [02.46] – Mike Waywell introduces himself
  • [03.22] – Chris Burgess introduces himself
  • [03.42] – Greg Mikolap introduces himself
  • [04.55] – Will Holmes introduces himself
  • [05.56] – Will tells about the specifics of the Swiss govt’s reopening recommendations and how he has applied them
  • [09.00] – Mike, Chris and Greg talk about specific plans for how they plan to reopen, use of outdoor space before going indoor (if possible) and keep their clientele safe
  • [19.50] – Greg tells us what he asked in a survey he sent out to his client base to understand their concerns around coming back to the gym
  • [21.23] – Will tells us what his client reception has been to coming back into the gym
  • [26.15] – How they have all communicated with their client base through COVID and how they plan to communicate things moving forward
  • [33.47] – Will talks about the changes he’s made to programming and coaching
  • [37.45] – Chris, Mike & Greg discuss programming and gym layout changes
  • [43.40] – The guys talk about loyalty and rewarding clients who have stuck around during COVID
  • [52.55] – How they are all thinking about marketing
  • [64.05] – What they would all do if they were a personal trainer who doesn’t own a facility and works in a commercial or private gym


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