In this episode, we welcome on Greg Nuckols from Stronger by Science and the monthly publication MASS. If you’ve followed Greg’s work for any length of time, you’ll know his blog is one of the most in-depth resources out there for brilliant long-form content on strength sports and nutrition research. He has done hundreds of podcasts talking about everything to do with those subjects so feel free to search his name and you’ll easily find them, so in this episode, I wanted to get down into the nitty-gritty of his business, career and how he goes about creating the content he does. What came out at the end is an interview I’m delighted with that I know everyone listening will be able to take a lot from.

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4.20 – whether Greg does anything specific to gain understanding in his subject areas.
11.55 – how long it took him to start to realise producing in-depth, long-form, high-quality content was where he could excel.
12.45 – does he any have any intention to get back into 1-2-1 coaching?
14.55 – how he approaches business.
21.30 – why not being focussed on business has been great for his business.
23.45 – how running his business has been different than what he anticipated.
27.45 – why he believes a large proportion of his success comes down to luck
32.15 – what his step is when he has an idea for a blog post.
33.42 - common mistakes PTs make when creating content.
43.15 – what PTs can do to create content to attract clients.
47.30 – how he built up his coaching business when he first started.

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