In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes LTBs head of education, Gregg Slater. Gregg has just created 50 lesson course called hypertrophy: the science of programme design. In this conversation, we cover what he’s learned in the creation of the course, why hypertrophy is for everyone, what he hopes to see in the research over the coming years, how to start planning out long term programming, why the psychology of programme design is as important as the physical and how he would approach a career in PT if he was starting tomorrow.


  • [01.33] – How would Gregg approach a career in personal training just now?
  • [02.53] – How would he approach building relationships with potential clients?
  • [07.53] – Why he finds personal training mentally draining?
  • [09.03] – Why hypertrophy is for everyone.
  • [12.18] – Why PTs should talk more about how great resistance training is for everyone.
  • [14.13] – Has he changed his mind on anything with regards to hypertrophy training?
  • [23.43] – Where does he see the hypertrophy research going?
  • [26.43] – Does he think programming needs to be complicated?
  • [31.53] – How to start mapping out long term programming?
  • [40.13] – How much does he tell his clients when it comes to programming?
  • [41.53] – How to keep programming fun for you as the trainer?