Client Consultations

PLEASE NOTE: This course is being updated on 19th February. At that time the history of any progress made on this version course will be lost. You are therefore recommended to wait until after the update before starting this course unless you can complete it before 19th Feb The aim of this course to help you conduct effective consultations with new clients. With our consultations we want to be able to make the process of helping a client get started as easy as possible; this course aims to help you produce a system that will do just that. We’ll cover why you should do a consultation, what a sample process could look like, what to do before you meet a client, what to do when you sit down with the client, if you should do screens or assessments and what to do if they sign up or do not sign up. We’ll run through the entire process and give you something tangible to use instantly, which will increase the likelihood of signing up more clients.

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