In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes back Mark Council. Mark owns a gym called Platform Performance, which he opened with a business partner in 2017. This is the first proper episode of a new podcast instalment we’re trialling called ‘gym owner corner’ where we’ll bring Mark on to discuss the realities and challenges of being a gym owner. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics including what he’s doing to manage his mental health just now, keeping members engaged, retention strategies, thoughts on gyms reopening and much more.


Platform Website:


[03.20] – What he’s doing to manage his mental health just now?
[08.00] – Why Mark has his own online coach.
[13.40] – Did he have any reservations around paying for coaching/ therapy?
[19.20] – Experiencing the frustration at being stalled.
[20.05] – How his gym is keeping his members going through lockdown?
[23.20] – What about the members who aren’t engaging with his online workouts and challenges?
[25.57] – Is his gym trying to bring in new members at the moment?
[27.40] – Plan for moving forward and reopening.
[28.40] – The angle he’ll be using to advertise his gym.
[31.15] – Bringing more people towards health and fitness.
[32.25] – How well he knows each new member who signs up to Platform.