In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes back Mark Council. Mark owns a gym called Platform Performance, which he opened with a business partner in 2017. This is the second episode of a new podcast instalment we’re trialling called ‘gym owner corner’ where we’ll bring Mark on to discuss the realities and challenges of being a gym owner. In this episode, we discuss what it’s actually like owning a gym! Timestamps are below.

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  • [03.35] – What is it actually like to run a gym day-to-day?
  • [05.35] – Is it important to start with the end in mind?
  • [11.55] – Why there is flexibility to the term “gym ownership”
  • [13.35] – The myths of gym ownership.
  • [15.55] – Does gym ownership = more income?
  • [18.15] – The expenses that Mark’s gym has.
  • [22.15] – Why covid has sped up the closure of some gyms.
  • [30.45] – A story about how Mark ran out of money when he was initially opening his gym, Platform Performance.
  • [33.55] – How Platform got funding from the Government and how they used this to grow the business.
  • [39.05] – The abundance of information for learning about gym ownership.


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