At LTB our goal is to provide members with all the tools they need to run a successful personal training business. That can be in the form of resources such as downloads, webinars, courses and discussions.  Or via support, guidance and the opportunity to brainstorm with people who understand the challenges and opportunities being faced.

The array of resources is pretty vast to allow for different business models, experience, strengths and development opportunities.  This means there’s no one “best” resource but rather a range of popular resources.  As a result it’s always great to hear how individual members benefit from the different elements.

Here are a few we have heard recently:


Situation: Marketing – scaling from startup to getting more growth.

Issue: Haphazard approach to marketing with limited structure/ failed to see value in certain things.

Resources used: Chris’s guide, social media guidance through Facebook group threads, support network of seeing people in a similar position!

Result:  A better communications strategy, therefore less stress. An understanding that my business is in good shape.  Realising that I shouldn’t judge its progress too harshly as it is growing in a sustainable way with strong values at its core.


Situation: New Personal Trainer

Resources used: the courses on the website, webinar recordings, thread document.
Probably the ones that have helped most are the Foundations of General Population Programme Design course and the Movement Solutions weekend.

Result: They have helped me plan my sessions better and stopped me stressing about it all which has increased my confidence as a coach. My clients are improving and getting results and really enjoy their training. This is now starting to feed back into referrals and helping me grow my business.

The second thing that has helped a huge amount is the marketing information – using the 30 Day Shape idea has got my group training up and running really well.


Situation: Opening a Large Private Facility 

Resources used:

  • John Clark’s Facebook post. This allowed me to gather the info needed to create my own budget for what would be required initially to open, and then continued running costs
  • The old LTB Intensive with CB. This allowed me to create a step by step plan to build up to the required finances and client numbers to open facility. It cleared up the process of actually opening a facility and then continuing to run it
  • An Essentials Skype call with Gregg to talk about programming for semi private.  This helped me adjust my training model in line with my new needs for the business
  • The 30 Day trial post to build my numbers up
  • An Essentials Skype call with Oli about staffing and contracts. This helped me hire someone to allow the business to grow to the point that I could move to a bigger space
  • An Essentials Skype call with Claire to help create a document of all of the business processes which could be used to train the member of staff.
  • And breathe…..

Result: opening a large facility with a member of staff and enough members to finance the business and a plan for continued development


Situation: Troubled

Resources used: You helped me in a situation when I was troubled. So just generally the support was the solution for me.
Having you guys to turn to is priceless to me.  And the Facebook group as well, you must be so busy but always manage to reply to everyone.

The support is probably number 1 for me

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