In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes on Claire Winter and Maggie Elliott to discuss whether or not you should consider training your clients outdoors (if your country allows it) whilst gyms are unavailable. They chat through how to make the decision about training outdoors, considerations for what to do if you decide you’re going to do it, equipment recommendations, programming structure, whether you should use music, what to do about the weather and much more.

Claire Winter is LTB’s Head of Operations and Maggie Elliott runs Spark Fitness, a personal training studio based out of Prestwich, England.

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  • Claire Winter’s portion of the discussion
  • [02.47] – Would Claire train her clients outside just now?
  • [05.54] – Why there’s a chance you might be feeling guilty about doing mobile personal training
  • [08.30] – Should you consider training your clients outside considering it may be months before all of them feel safe going indoors?
  • [10.50] – What kind of things should you consider if you do decide to train your clients outdoors?
  • [16.07] – Communicating with your client base
  • [17.22] – Why you don’t have to move outdoors even if your clients want to
  • [20.37] – Why you have to consider what you’ll do if you or one of your clients get the virus
  • Maggie Elliott’s portion of the discussion
  • [22.45] – What decision Maggie has made around training her clients outside
  • [28.35] – What kind of things would have to happen for Maggie to start training her clients outdoors?
  • [33.25] – Programming considerations for outdoor PT
  • [36.30] – Session length
  • [38.20] – Whether or not she uses music?
  • [41.20] – Does she think more PTs will take to mobile due to fewer people using big gyms?
  • [43.10] – Other things to consider that you only learn by experiencing mobile PT




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