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Over the last few years Digital Marketing has made it easier and easier to grow audiences and advertise Personal Training services to people based on their geographical location

The biggest issue I have with Digital Marketing in building a Personal Training business however is that it often distracts trainers from focussing their efforts on the most relevant market

If you think about it for a second – Marketing to audiences outside of the gym serves to try and get people off the couch and making positive changes in their health (This is awesome, Nobel and not “wrong”)

However if you market inside the gym you are able to connect with people who have already decided to change, have already made the leap to get started and now what remains to be seen is whether or not they can stick to their good intentions for long enough that they make the desired level of progress they want

Does that always happen? Of course not. When many people join a gym they have little knowledge and even less skill.

Can you shorten the gap between that lack of knowledge and skill and turn it into much faster, much more effective results? Of course You can.

What about those new gym members who are a rabbit in the headlights – they look at all of the kit tentatively and then decide to take classes rather than figure out how the hell they should train. Ok the class might allow for a nice social aspect, but most people go for the training. It’s instruction without the member having to think about what they are doing – the decision on how to exercise lies with the instructor and not the them…making it easier to put in more effort.

But do classes offer the BEST way for many people, especially newbies, to get results? I’d argue that unless it’s genuinely for the social side that PT offers a faster route to success because you can create levels of specificity and accountability that a class doesn’t offer

People want to feel in control – You can help them find that

People want to feel like they are making progress – You can help them with that

People want accountability – You can help them with that

People don’t want to feel like they are clueless and stupid – You can help them with that

People want to feel like their goals matter – You can help them with that

Whether it’s 1-2-1, Semi Private or even group training – The opportunity to grow a great business in a commercial gym has never been better. If you focus solely on the opportunity that is there, You’ll be surprised how fast thing can grow!

So if you are a commercial gym trainer wanting to grow a fully booked business – this video will help massively as I take you through how to get started (Real life example)



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