In today’s episode, we welcome on Jack Lovett. Jack is the owner of Spartan Performance, a gym that works with people from all walks of life but that specialises in getting its clients strong. He’s also an athlete who has won the British Natural Strongman competition and competed at an international level, and he’s also an author of the newly released Spartan Strength book. We discuss his love for strength training, what he’s learned coaching people and running a gym business for 10 years now, and what he wishes more personal trainers knew about becoming successful in this industry.

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  • 1.20 – What Jack loves about strength training
  • 5.35 – Why most clients approach the gym to improve their aesthetics
  • 9.30 – Why success leads to more success
  • 10.15 – Qualities that have transcended from the gym to his life
  • 13.00 – What were his first few years of owning spartan performance like
  • 14.30 – What he did right during that time
  • 16.00 – What he did wrong during that time
  • 23.00 – How he sold personal training in a warehouse gym 10 years ago
  • 27.30 – Whether or not he believes walking the walking helped him grow his business
  • 36.30 – Lessons he’s learnt from shadowing other trainers in the US
  • 40.00 – Why he decided to write a book
  • 44.15 – Why application is where the greatest lessons are learnt
  • 48.20 – How he has found finding staff and what he looks for in a coach
  • 54.45 – Closing messages

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