In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Jamie Rowland. Jamie is a personal trainer and member of LTB who has been working in the industry for well over 10 years. He specialises in working with the elderly client and runs classes for cardiac rehab and falls prevention. I loved this conversation and I think the way Jamie speaks about his clients speaks to why he’s had clients working with him since 2008. We jump around but the main things we discuss are what it’s like working with the elderly client, and why you may want to consider working with them, how to move past comparisons and how to develop loyalty in your client base.

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  • [05.05] – What his favourite part of being a personal trainer is?
  • [05.55] – What it was like working with a 104 year old client?
  • [07.20] – How he got started in the fitness industry?
  • [16.20] – How he’s kept the community feel of his business during lockdown?
  • [18.00] – How he got started working with the elderly client?
  • [20.40] – How he would suggest getting started with the elderly client?
  • [24.15] – His background and how he’s feeling about his future in the fitness industry?
  • [28.30] – What he would go back and tell himself at the start of his career?
  • [29.40] – Impostor syndrome/ comparisons.
  • [39.30] – Client loyalty.
  • [40.45] – Does he get bored training the same clients all the time?