In today’s episode, I welcome back on Jason Leenaarts. Jason was a previous guest back in Nov 2018 on episode 142. He’s a husband, father, gym owner, podcast host and one of the most genuine guys I know. In this episode, we discuss his new book called “a revolution a day”, how he processes losing clients and why it is well worth your time as a personal trainer to post on social media about your clients.

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  • [02.15] – How does Jason feel about being a personal trainer now he’s been in the industry over 15 years?
  • [04.19] – Where does he see his facility going in future?
  • [08.24] – What he tends to see over the Christmas period in terms of retention and growth?
  • [13.54] – Has he got better at dealing with client loss as the years have gone on?
  • [21.09] – Why you need to find ambassadors for your business to increase word of mouth
  • [26.39] – How he asks clients if it’s ok to post on social media about them
  • [33.39] – Why he rarely posts about himself but spends a lot of time posting about his clients
  • [35.09] – Do any of his clients ever get jealous about being posted less often?
  • [39.54] – Jason’s new book
  • [47.34] – What he wishes the fitness industry would do a better job of