In today’s show, Stuart welcomes back John Clark. Starting on the 5th of July, John is going to attempt to run 48 marathons in 48 days across 48 counties of England to raise 48K for a charity he created called Miles4meals. If you’d like to get involved by sponsoring, raising money or taking part, head to They discuss why he’s doing this, what his prep looks like, getting himself mentally set, dealing with the chance of failure, moving away from gym ownership and much more. Timestamps are below!

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  • [02.03] – How he’s feeling about doing 48 marathons over 48 days.
  • [08.28] – What’s driving him to attempt this charity event.
  • [17.58] – Handling failure & figuring out your why.
  • [33.28] – The preparation for running 48 marathons.
  • [35.40] – How you can get involved/ support John for his event.
  • [39.23] – Moving away from gym ownership.