In today’s episode, I talk to John O’Neil from Cressey Sports Performance (CSP). John has served as the Director of Performance at CSP since the summer of 2017. He returned to CSP after being a part of the first intern group at CSP-Florida during the fall of 2014. Over the past few years, John has coached people of all ages in New York City and New Jersey, as well as working as a high school baseball coach. In this episode, we discuss how to find mentors, why you need to set standards for your own coaching, tips that will make you a more effective coach and much more.

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Find More About John:

  • [1.53] – How John ended up getting an internship at Cressey Sports Performance
  • [5.13] – What is it like working in an environment like CSP?
  • [10.05] – How important mentors have been in his career
  • [11.28] – How to find mentors?
  • [23.13] – What you should do when you’re not in your perfect job?
  • [30.13] – How important is the human, connection side of coaching?
  • [34.43] – What it was like when he first started as an intern in CSP
  • [36.43] – What he wishes every single CSP intern knew about coaching
  • [40.43] – Coaching and programming tips