Jonny Stephens works as a head coach out of Curious Gym, which was previously named the LTB gym. We discuss how he’s used cook-a-longs, step challenges and other engagement methods to keep the members of his gym feeling like they are part of a community while they can’t come to the gym, how he’s maintaining his own exercise during the lockdown, why sharing your struggles and challenges with exercise and nutrition will help you connect with your client base and more.

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Find Out More About Jonny/ Curious:

  • [01.49] – How he is finding lockdown.
  • [05.19] – Has this reinforced how much he enjoys the in-person aspect of personal training?
  • [11.49] – How Jonny has found living alone during lockdown.
  • [16.12] – A discussion around our struggles with maintaining exercise/ movement habits during lockdown.
  • [23.10] – What the gym Jonny works out of, Curious Gym, have used to keep their clients engaged and interacting.
  • [32.02] – If he was a 1-1 trainer with a smaller client base would he still try as many things as he has to engage his clients?
  • [33.27] – What non-exercise/ movement things they’ve tried to engage their clients?
  • [35.52] – Why it’s a good idea to share what you’re struggling with regarding exercise and nutrition with your client base.