In today’s episode, we welcome on Josh Hillis. Josh is the author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday (2013) and the upcoming Lean and Strong (2019) for OnTarget Publications. He has been writing his blog,, since 2004. This ended up being a really cool conversation about a load of different topics mostly related to the world of coaching. We covered how he sets up nutrition coaching in a Personal Training setting, why it’s ok that a lot of clients will start without any want to change their nutrition and workaholism.

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  • 2.20 – Is Personal Training set up for effective nutritional behaviour change?
  • 4.00 – how he sets up and runs his phone coaching nutrition service
  • 5.10 – where does he have nutrition conversations with his clients?
  • 6.20 – what do clients need when it comes to nutrition support?
  • 8.40 – what would Josh tell himself if he could go back in time when it comes to coaching nutrition?
  • 10.25 – the difference between values and goals
  • 14.55 – why looking for the gold in your client’s lives and relating that to fitness/nutrition can help them understand how behaviour change takes time
  • 18.00 – how often does he work with clients who start from an extrinsic/external place?
  • 19.40 – how to help clients work our their values
  • 24.40 – how he helps the clients who can’t seem to be helped
  • 28.40 – why it’s normal to start working with clients who have no interest in changing nutrition but do in training
  • 31.40 – Dan John’s traffic light system for lifestyle behaviour change
  • 36.00 – how he likens his workaholism to what his clients go through with their eating behaviours
  • 40.45 – the difference between grit and self-compassion
  • 46.40 – why it’s ok that you can’t manage as many sessions as other trainers
  • 47.55 – why the cult of positivity is a big driver for emotional eating

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