In today’s episode, I welcome on Kevin Mullins. Kevin is a personal trainer who has accumulated well over 10,000 hours worth of PT sessions. He works as Director of Product Development and Education for The St. James – A leading brand in Sports, Wellness, and Active Entertainment based in Virginia. We discuss why he hasn’t opened a facility considering it was the logical next step, how we can make personal training well respected as a profession, how he grew his business inside of a commercial gym, hitting burnout and coming out the other side a better person and having to create Zumba style classes without the Zumba.

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  • [01.29] – Why Kevin has yet to open up his own personal training facility?
  • [07.37] – Why he feels so passionate about the personal training industry
  • [10.17] – How we can improve how people perceive personal training as a profession
  • [15.07] – What his first few months in a commercial gym were like
  • [21.50] – How he started getting clients in his commercial gym
  • [26.07] – How he dealt with moments where his client numbers fluctuated up and down
  • [30.22] – What other tips he has for a trainer who needs more clients
  • [34.12] – Kevin tells us about hitting a point in his life where he really struggled with who he was and how he nearly left the industry
  • [41.07] – Did he limit the number of sessions he was doing after hitting burnout?
  • [44.37] – What it’s like in his new role having to create Zumba-style classes
  • [48.52] – Has his new role taught him anything he wishes he could go back and tell a younger Kevin Mullins?
  • [52.00] – We talk about his book, Day by Day.