In today’s show, I welcome back on Krista Scott-Dixon. I’ve had KSD on many times before and she always leaves me with a tonne of things to go away and think about. We get into what exercise/ movement means to her and how it’s become a more integrated aspect of her life, how to help clients improve their relationships with food, why some amount of emotional eating can be a good thing and why doing the really simple things you tell your clients to do, like eating slowly, can be great learning experiences.

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  • [01.53] – What exercise means to her.
  • [16.08] – Redefining mindfulness to include body-fulness.
  • [23.45] – Why more people are now talking about improving their relationship to food.
  • [26.44] – Where can trainers start when clients want to improve their relationship to food.
  • [33.41] – How to bring up things you notice within clients that aren’t serving them.
  • [35.08] – Why some anxiety can be a good thing.
  • [39.23] – The importance of how you show up as a coach.
  • [41.38] – Doing the things you tell your clients to do.
  • [47.23] – The relationship between health and fitness and other mental/ physical behaviours.