For the last 30 years, Larry Gold has spent most of his working life as the CEO of numerous different hospitals throughout the world. He’s helped brand new ones start from scratch and helped struggling ones grow and become huge parts of their communities and at times he’s managed over 3000 people. Nowadays he’s a consultant to executives who work within healthcare.

This episode is split into two sections: the first 15 is about Covid and how to effectively lead through this and the section after this is all about his career, leadership, managing people and building relationships.

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  • [03.20] – The difference between a manager and a leader
  • [06.00] – The three critical leadership components that must be present during times like this
  • [10.59] – What don’t you want to do as a leader during times of disaster?
  • [13.34] – Dealing with the uncertainty that Covid has brought everyone
  • [17.02] – Larry sums up his career and tells us what he’s doing just now
  • [18.20] – How he got started in healthcare
  • [28.10] – How he’s approached growing within each new job he’s done
  • [30.45] – How he managed to get 3000+ staff all on the same page working as a CEO in a hospital
  • [36.40] – Why every single person in an organisation needs to know why what they do is important
  • [40.25] – Why he used to walk the halls in his hospital every single day to connect with his employees
  • [43.25] – Why building relationships has been so important to his leadership style
  • [45.05] – How to approach challenging staff situations
  • [46.25] – Giving tough feedback and saying the things that need to be said
  • [52.15] – How he’s approached building up his weaknesses
  • [54.52] – Revealing personal aspects of himself to his colleagues and employees
  • [62.25] – Making the whole community proud of his hospital and what you can learn from it
  • [66.28] – What he wishes he could go back tell his younger self


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