In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Laura Tilt. Laura is a UK registered dietitian and health writer who is fascinated about how food makes us feel, think and live. We discuss all things related to mindful eating – what it is, how to implement it with your clients, if it helps things like emotional eating, some simple steps to get started and much more. 

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  • [01.55] – How her mini-van transformation is going?
  • [05.40] – What she wishes the general population knew more about nutrition?
  • [08.25] – Why we lose touch with our ‘inner wisdom’?
  • [11.50] – Defining mindful eating.
  • [13.40] – Is mindfulness a precursor to mindful eating?
  • [18.15] – Why labelling emotional eating as negative is wrong.
  • [22.20] – Misconceptions around mindful eating/ How Laura came to start using mindful eating in her coaching.
  • [36.30] – 3 tools for starting mindful eating.
  • [45.25] – Surfing the urge/ how to manage cravings.