In today’s episode, I welcome on Lawrence Judd from Macros Inc. Lawrence is a good friend and someone I’ve wanted to have on the podcast for a while. I’m sure a few of you will know of him, and if not, you’re in for a treat as one of his superpowers is distilling complicated topics into understandable and practical steps. We dive deep into marketing and talk about a definition for it, where personal trainers go wrong, companies who are doing it well, setting business goals for more effective marketing and why you’re likely a yoyo marketer.

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  • [04.55] – how Lawrence’s career in the fitness industry started
  • [10.11] – how his degree in chemical engineering has aided his work in health and fitness
  • [13.30] – what he means by “you’re probably a yoyo marketer”, which comes from his LTB magazine issue 8 piece
  • [16.20] – whether he thinks personal trainers have a knowledge or habit gap when it comes to marketing
  • [19.45] – how he explains marketing
  • [24.00] – why it’s so easy to forget about your customers when you get into running a business
  • [26.18] – how marketing fits into running a business
  • [29.20] – what companies he thinks are marketing their product/ service effectively
  • [34.15] – where he sees personal trainers going wrong with their marketing
  • [38.54] – how to compare yourself to your competitors effectively
  • [49.45] – why it’s important to set clear business goals and how to set them