Lead Generation for Mobile Personal Trainers

Running a mobile personal training business can be a great way to work with clients as it allows more flexibility and fewer overheads. It’s becoming more and more popular in the fitness industry, but one of the biggest challenges mobile PTs face is around generating leads.

With no commercial gym floor to walk or a location to base your business from, how do you generate leads?

That is the question we look to answer in this blog, with help from LTB members Maggie Elliot, Nicole Thompson, Marie Droniou-Bordry and Olivia Furner who are all mobile trainers.


Facebook can act a bit like a shop window. It allows you to showcase things that capture the interest of your potential client base.  It’s also got the advantage of being interactive, allowing you to connect with interested parties.  Using social proof, sharing relevant posts, running Facebook adverts and Facebook groups all provide ways of showing yourself as an authority as well as showing how your clients feel both about working with you and about their results. You can also use it to highlight the benefits of using a mobile trainer and as a platform to run competitions to raise awareness of what you offer.  

Referrals via Networking

Local running clubsfemale business networking groups, being a midwife or volunteering at a local hospital, physios, osteopaths, massage therapists, baby massage and mum support groups are all great sources of leads depending on your preferred client base but it doesn’t have to stop there.  Consider your own interests, find something you enjoy doing and combine that with lead generation. Try helping out in organisations where your preferred client base can be found or start building professional relationships with local health care professionals. 

Referrals From Clients 

Your current clients are always your biggest fans (possibly with the exception of your mum). They can put the benefits of working with you into words that appeal to others far more effortlessly than you can. You can encourage it by asking your current clients if they would be willing to refer you or if they have any friends that might be interested in any open slots you have. 

Website (Mastering SEO / Google Search) 

Websites don’t need to be complicated but if you do have one make sure it is visually appealing and contains useful information.  Think of the things that you look for on a website when decision making.  I’m guessing things like prices, availability, what the product/ service and reviews are high up there.

Once you have your website, spend some time understanding how search engines work! There are a number of simple things you can do to help your site perform well in searches. There’s loads of information available on this, it just takes a little research.

Offering Free Sessions 

A free trial gives your client a chance to get to know what you offer and experience your service.  It also gives you a chance to check you want to work with the client.  If offering a free trial it should showcase what you do not be a watered down version that excludes the good stuff! 

Word of Mouth / Getting to Know The Locals 

Getting to know the local community is a brilliant way of getting clients.  Hang out in the local café /hairdresser /beauty salon, use the services and get to know the staff.  Be polite, friendly and helpful to everyone, not just the management.  Buy vouchers as gifts for clients, offer to provide free resources, talks or events that are relevant to the business. 

Partner with a local butcher, farm shop or health shop.  The list is endless but remember, as with all relationships, it is a two-way thing and you need to start with how you can help them rather than how they can help you. 

Advert in The Local High-End Magazine 

Advertising in a local magazine or newspaper is another method that could be used. You’ll often find the readers of those publications will be the kind of people willing to invest in their health. In addition, there may be an opportunity to provide content if you are comfortable with writing. 

You don’t need to do all of these so pick the ones that appeal focus on those.  Most of all, don’t panic and switch from one thing to the other without giving something time to work.  Some methods will take longer than others but these are the most reliable sources over time. 

The marketing course is a great one for helping you create your long term marketing strategy.  Not a member yet?  You can get access to all our resources on our 2 week free trial

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