In today’s episode, I welcome on Liam Thompson from Internet FitPro – a company all about helping personal trainers get more clients and create effective websites that look great. Liam’s had a really cool career in the fitness industry and although we don’t delve into that much, we do get into a lot of useful information about how to create a FB ad using Internet Fitpro’s formula, lead generation for trainers who work in commercial gyms and private studios and how he built his PT business using free sessions. If you want more clients, this episode is going to be well worth your time.

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  • [02.01] – How he would approach getting clients in a commercial gym if he was starting from scratch tomorrow?
  • [05.36] – How to go from free session to paid client?
  • [11.01] – How he would approach getting a client base if he was using more online-based strategies?
  • [14.21] – Should PTs spend more time telling people what it is that they do?
  • [16.36] – How to stick out from your competitors as a personal trainer.
  • [18.51] – Using trials or free sessions?
  • [24.21] – Facebook ads aren’t working for you?
  • [29.06] – What data you should pay attention to for FB ads
  • [30.51] – Where to start if you want some new clients using FB ads
  • [40.41] – Why it’s well worth getting someone’s email

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