Today I welcome on Lou Brierley. Lou was one of the early LTB members that truely helped form our LTB community into what it is today. He’s got an incredibly interesting story that involves him growing a successful outdoor Bootcamp, turning that into a facility and then deciding to sell it all and travel the world. We get into how he grew things starting off, how he made his group sessions enjoyable and somewhere that his members felt comfortable and why he decided to sell his gym!

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  • [01.47] – Lou’s tell us about his motorhome called Doris
  • [05.32] – Why Lou decided to sell his personal training facility and go travelling
  • [11.52] – Was he in the wrong time in his life for owning a facility?
  • [14.27] – Whether he thinks you can own a facility and have some form of work: life balance?
  • [17.22] – Does he have any regrets about selling his gym?
  • [22.27] – Why growing slowly is something PTs should consider
  • [25.22] – How Lou grew an outdoor bootcamp to 50 members
  • [36.07] – How he made his sessions fun and comfortable for people who don’t like gyms
  • [39.07] – When he plans to stop travelling?


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