Mike Waywell runs a gym called Steel Habitat in Liverpool, England and a company called Gymownr. Mike is one of the people I turn to for advice on helping gym owners as he’s built Steel from the ground up to become one of the most impressive facilities in the UK working with over 400 active members. We cover how to see the opportunity among the uncertainty of COVID, why Steel are running a 6-week challenge just now and how to run one yourself, how they are approaching marketing and why you have to remove the emotion out of what’s going on to ensure you survive.

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  • [02.26] – Why and how it’s so important to see the opportunities that are available just now for gym owners and personal trainers
  • [06.56] – Mike tells us how he’s handled things so far
  • [09.26] – Mike talks about a 6-8 week challenge they are using for accountability and retention just now
  • [13.06] – Why Mike’s business has seen 95% + retention rates even though they are now fully online
  • [17.21] – How’s he’s handled pricing
  • [18.41] – How he plans to handle a big drop-off in members
  • [24.26] – If he’s going to change his marketing copy to mention things like quarantine and lockdown
  • [26.26] – What novel things they are doing to provide extra support to their members just now
  • [28.19] – How he’s feeling about the long term
  • [33.11] – Whether he’s managed to keep all his staff
  • [34.11] – What book he’d recommend for times like this
  • [36.41] – Why now is not the time to sulk, become frustrated or argue about politics


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