Great to welcome back Cathy MacDonald to the show! We cover some simple tips for improving your listening skills and then deep dive into how you can go about changing a client’s mind.

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4.00 – why is listening so important
6.10 – tasks for improving your listening skills
10.00 – listening skills clip
15.10 – how to apply appropriate curiosity to conversations you have with clients
19.40 – why we’re covering how to change clients minds
20.20 – what steps can we take as trainers to change our client’s minds about things?
26.00 – why you can’t actually change someone’s mind, they change it themselves
28.00 – why information alone won’t change someone’s mind and may make the person less likely to change
34.40 – why helping change our client’s minds is not about being manipulative, it’s about improving lives
38.20 – why we have to be mindful of using the word “should”
41.30 – how to change a client’s mind who believes breakfast is essential
43.00 – how to use hooks (the things that are important to that person) to help this process
51.00 – a sample script for changing a client’s mind about breakfast
55.10 – why it’s not always possible to change someone’s mind
57.50 – whether we should have these types of conversations offline vs online